mit biophysics seminar series


October 4

Flora Meilleur

NC State University

Catherine Drennan


September 20

Transmembrane Conformational Signaling: Mechanical Movement and Helical Dynamics in Bacterial Chemoreceptors

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen



Seminars are held weekly (*unless otherwise noted) on

Wednesdays at 4:10pm (refreshments at 4pm) in 32-144.




September 27

Johan Elf

Uppsala University

Gene Wei Li


Jeff Gore


Synchrony in ecology:  From weakly coupled systems to the Ising model

October 11

Alan Hastings

UC Davis

Nikta Fakhri


November 15

September 6

Nils Walter

University of Michigan

Single Molecules Come Into Focus: Understanding RNA-Driven Regulation From First Principles

Mark Bathe


Fred Chang

UC San Francisco

Jeff Gore


Swimming of Micro-organisms: Collective motion driven by molecular motors

November 8

Jonathon Howard

Yale University

Gerald Hazelbauer

University of Missouri               

Jeremy England


Internal models of the external world

November 1

Arvind Murugan

University of Chicago

Jeff Gore


From Flocking Birds to Swarming Bacteria: A Study of the Dynamics of Active Fluids

October 18 

Xiang Cheng

University of Minnesota

Supergrowth and why big cells grow faster than small ones

November 29

Dennis Zimmermann

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Mechanoregulation of Dynamic Actomyosin Networks at the Single-Molecule Level

Iain Cheeseman

Biology/Whitehead Institute

Mark Bathe

Biological Engineering

Thursday November 30

(SPECIAL SEMINAR in Duboc Room 4-331 @3pm)

Nilah Ioannidis   

Stanford University   


In situ genotyping of a pooled strain library after characterizing complex phenotypes

Structural and Functional Studies of Cellulolytic Enzymes Using Neutron Protein Crystallography (NPC) and Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)

Iain Cheeseman

Biology/Whitehead Institute


November 17

(SPECIAL SEMINAR in Whitehead Auditorium @4pm )

Arshad Desai

Ludwig Cancer Research

Alternative Facts About the Cell Division Machinery

Nikta Fakhri


Thermodynamics of Open Chemical Reaction Networks: The Cost of Energy and Information Transduction in Biology

Thursday November 2

(Special Seminar in Duboc Room 4-331 @4pm)

Massimiliano Esposito

University of Luxembourg

Monday November 20

(SPECIAL SEMINAR in Duboc Room 4-331 @3pm)

Ashwin Gopinath


DNA origami: The bridge from bottom to top

Mark Bathe

Biological Engineering

Ming Guo

Mechanical Engineering

December 6

Ben Fabry

Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Germany

Cell migration in 3-dimensional Biopolymer Matrices