MIT Biophysics Seminar Series

Spring 2020

Seminars are held on Wednesday's
at 400 Technology Square in the Ragon Institute (1st Floor) **Unless otherwise noted**

Coffee/Tea- 4pm
Talk- 4:10pm-5:15pm
Refreshments- 5:15-5:45pm


January 29-

Professor Doug Barrick, PhD - Johns Hopkins University - Thomas C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics - "Using protein sequence information to learn about stability, cooperativity, function, and evolution"

Hosted by Amy E. Keating, Departments of Biology and Biological Engineering


February 12-

Professor Margaret E. Johnson, PhD - Johns Hopkins University - Biophysics - "Control of multi-protein self-assembly by membrane localization"

Hosted by Nikta Fakhri, Department of Physics


March 18 -

Professor Andrew Wilson, PhD - University of Leeds - Organic Chemistry

Amy E. Keating, Departments of Biology and Biological Engineering


March 25 -

Professor Rasi Subramaniam, PhD - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Public Health Sciences and Basic Sciences & University of Washington - Genome Sciences

Hosted by Gene-Wei Li, Department of Biology


April 1 -

Professor Mikhail Shapiro, PhD - California Institute of Technology - Chemical Engineering

Hosted by Ankur Jain, Department of Biology


April 15 -

Professor Stefano DiTalia, PhD - Duke University School of Medicine-  Cell Biology

Hosted by Adam C. Martin, Department of Biology


May 6 -

Professor Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, PhD - Princeton University - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

Hosted by Jörn Dunkel, Department of Physical Applied Mathematics