MIT Biophysics Seminar Series

Fall 2022

In-Person Seminars 

(location and times of semniars may vary, please see ** under each talk for exact details) 


November 18 - 

Professor Alexander Morozov - Chair of Fluic Mechanics, University of Edinvurgh - "Emergent length-scale in microswimmer suspensions"

Hosted by Jorn Dunkle, Mathematics 

** Seminar to be held in Duboc Room, 4-331. Talk begins at 10:00am


Spring 2022

In-Person Seminars 

May 4 - 

Professor Judithy Miné-Hattab - UMR3664 / Nuclear Dynamics, Institut Curie, PSLUniversity Sorbonne Université CNRS- "Imaging DNA repair at the single molecule resolution"

Hosted by Leonid Mirny, Departments of Medical Engineering and Science, and Physics

** Seminar to be held in 32-124 (1st floor Stata Center), Talk begins at 4:15pm


May 18 - 

Professor Shenshen Wang - Physics & Astronomy, UCLA - "Limit and potential of immune learning against evolving targets"

Hosted by Jeff Gore, Department of  Physics

** Seminar to be held in 32-141 (1st floor Stata Center), Talk begins at 4:00 pm


Virtual Seminars 


February 2- 

Professor Wendy Bickmore, PhD - University of Edinburgh MRC Human Genetics Unit, Institute of Genetics and Cancer - "Enhancer function in the 3D genome: is close enough, enough?"

Hosted by Bin Zhang, Department of Chemistry