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Fall Biophysics Student Seminar

Seminar Series dates TBA

The mission of the biophysics student council is to provide an inter-departmental communication platform for graduate students and post-docs involved in biophysical research. We intend for this platform to facilitate scientific exchange across departments, create and strengthen social and professional ties, and ultimately aid the biophysics research conducted at MIT.

We are currently running a bi-weekly seminar series and a monthly social hour. More details are provided below.

We are always open for suggestions on how to improve our events and your experience. If you would like to leave us some feedback, positive or negative, contribute new ideas, get to know any of us better, or attend one of our meetings, feel free to contact us any time at biophysics-gsc (at) .

We always need more minds and more hands! Join us and contribute to the biophysics community at MIT! You can choose how much time to put into it.

If you are interested in joining, please email us at biophysics-gsc (at) .

Sign up for our student mailing list here.

The purpose of this seminar series is to allow students from different departments and with different backgrounds to see the spectrum of biophysics research carried out at MIT. Speakers are graduate students, post-docs, and advanced undergraduates that do biophysics research. The seminars are in an informal setting and questions and discussions are highly encouraged. They are also a great place to get feedback from people with diverse backgrounds or to practice a big conference talk in front of a friendly audience.

Applications for talks are encouraged! Just talk to any one of us or send an email to Marco (mjost - AT - or Anton (golobor - AT -

Biophysics Student Council

Social Events

To provide students with an opportunity to socialize in a more informal settings, the biophysics student council organizes student lunches and social hours a few times each semester. The lunches are usually held in building 68, although location can vary. The student social hours are held at the Muddy Charles Pub on the MIT campus. Beverages and food provided free of charge.

If you're interested in attending, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list here, and also to check out the MIT Biophysics calendar here.