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MIT has a vibrant community of researchers and educators in diverse areas of biophysics. MIT offers a Graduate Biophysics Certificate Program to graduate students that are already enrolled in a departmental program at MIT. The Biophysics Certificate Program seeks to foster the training of graduate students in the application of the physical sciences and engineering to fundamental biological questions at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels. Please follow the links above for a list of participating faculty, Certificate Program requirements, and the Biophysics Seminar Series.

The MIT Biophysics Program spans the Schools of Science and Engineering including the Departments of Biology, Biological Engineering, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Health Sciences & Technology, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Physics.

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upcoming events

Biophysics Seminar Series

(Joint Seminar with Parsons Lab)

Wednesday, April 1 @4:10pm

Building 48 Room 316

Altruism Writ Small: E. Coli Cells Protect One Another From Antibiotics

Lee Alan Dugatkin

University of Louisville


The 2015 Biophysics Retreat will be Sunday, September 13-Monday, September 14 at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, MA