mit biophysics certificate program


biophysics Certificate program requirements







Principles of Biochemical Analysis

Genetics for Graduate Students

Molecular Biology

Eukaryotic Cell Biology

Microbial Genetics and Evolution

area iI: Biological sciences



Statistical Physics in Biology

Physical Biology

area I: physical sciences & engineering


5.78 or












Biological Engineering II: Instrumentation & Measurement

Biophysical Chemistry Techniques

Chemical Tools for Assessing Biological Function

Crystal Structure Analysis

Molecular Imaging

Neuroimaging Cells & Circuits

NMR Spectroscopy and Organic Structure Determination

Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Biology and Medicine


Quantitative Biology

Systems Biology

Physico-chemical Concepts in Immunology and Virology

area iII: biophysical methods

*Plus one (12-unit) course from each of the following three areas:

20.416J/7.74J Evaluating Current Research in Molecular & Cellular Biophysics (6-units, fall)

The Biophysics Certificate Program is open to any graduate student who is already enrolled in a graduate program at MIT. Certificate requirements include a three-course 36-unit interdisciplinary core (Areas I, II, and III below) and a one-semester 6-unit discussion-based course (20.416J/7.74J) that exposes students to diverse areas of modern biophysics research. Students are additionally expected to present their graduate research in the Biophysics Graduate Student Seminar Series, participate in the annual biophysics retreat, which includes student poster presentations, student talks, and ethics training in the responsible conduct of research, and regularly attend the MIT Biophysics Seminar Series. A graduate certificate is not a formal degree, but rather a means of acknowledging that a graduate student has completed a course of study that includes training in biophysics in addition to their principal area of specialization. For questions related to the Biophysics Certificate Program please e-mail

Below are participating and recently graduated students of the Biophysics Certificate Program. The program is open to all MIT graduate students, please contact Kerry Forristall for more information. To sign up for the biophysics student mailing list please click here.


Below are the PhD students working in biophysics (alumni of program are listed at bottom of page).

Class Entering 2016

Sangyeon Cho (Yun Bio-optics Lab/HST)

Anthony McDougal

Class Entering 2015

Joonseok Hur
Adam Jermyn (deferred for a Marshall Fellowship)
Pearson Miller (Dunkel Lab)

Class Entering 2014

Martin Falk (Brenner lab)
Yoon Jung (Fakhri Lab)
Sean Kearney (Alm Lab)

Jean-Benoit Lalanne (Li lab)
Nader Morshed (White Lab)

Sakul Ratanlert (Bathe Lab)

Rajeev Rikhye (Sur Lab)

Sam Rodriques (Boyden lab)
Tzer-han Tan (Fakhri Lab)

Class Entering 2013

Owen Andrews (Cisse Lab)
Saurabh Gandhi (Gore Lab)
Alex Bacanu (Fakhri Lab)

Class Entering 2012

David Feldman (Blainey Lab)
William Hesse (Kamm Lab)

Joon Ho Kang (Manalis Lab)
Robert Marsland (England Lab)
James Pelletier (Gershenfeld Lab)

Class Entering 2011

Anton Goloborodko (Mirny Lab)
Takuma Inoue (Cisse Lab)

Class Entering 2010 and earlier

Arolyn Conwill (Gore Lab)
Nikolai Perunov (England Lab)
Maxim Imakaev (Mirny Lab)


Below is an incomplete list of alumni from the MIT Physics PhD program whose dissertation was in biophysics or soft matter (or who later switched into these fields). Please email Kerry ( if you would like to be added to this list!

  1. Murat Acar (PhD ’07 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is a Professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University.

  2. Tanya Artemova (PhD ’15 with Jeff Gore) is now an analyst with Morgan Stanley in New York.

  3. Jeff Chabot (PhD ’05 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is in the Dept of Systems Biology at Pfizer.

  4. Jeffrey Chuang (PhD ’01 with Kardar, Tanaka, and Grosberg) is a Professor in the Department of Biology at Boston College

  5. Lei Dai (PhD ’14 with Gore) is now a Jane Coffins Child Postdoc at UCLA.

  6. Raissa D’Souza (PhD ’99 with Mehran Kardar) is Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis.

  7. Deniz Ertas (PhD ’95 with Mehran Kardar) is a Senior Research Associate at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering.

  8. Terence Hwa (PhD ’90 with Mehran Kardar) is Professor of Physics and Molecular Biology at UCSD.

  9. Dong hyun Kim (PhD ’12 with Alexander van Oudenaarden) works at Samsung in Seoul, Korea.

  10. Andrej Kosmrlj (PhD ’11 with Chakraborty and Kardar) is a Postdoctoral researcher with David Nelson at Harvard University

  11. Jerome “Jay” Mettetal (PhD ’08 with Alexander van Oudenaarden) works at Millenium Pharmaceutical.

  12. Hao Li (PhD ’92 with Mehran Kardar and K. Huang) is a Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UCSF.

  13. Ernesto Medina Dagger (PhD ’91 with Mehran Kardar) is a Researchers in Physics at IVIC.

  14. Sam Ocko (PhD ’15 with Mahadevan at Harvard) is now a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford.

  15. Michael O’Kelly (PhD ’07 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is Founder of HighlightCam, Inc.

  16. Ertugrul Ozbudak (PhD ’05 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is a Professor in the Dept of Genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

  17. Vijay Pande (PhD with Toyoichi Tanaka) is a Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics at Stanford University.

  18. Bernardo Pando (PhD ’10 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is working at Morgan Stanley in New York.

  19. Juan Pedraza (PhD ’05 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is Professor of Physics at Universidad de los Andes, Bogota.

  20. Sahand Jamal Rahi (PhD ’10 with Kardar and Jaffe) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Rockefeller University in New York City.

  21. Apratim Sahay (PhD ’15 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is an environmental consultant in Boston.

  22. Lawrence Saul (PhD ’94 with Mehran Kardar) is a Professor of Computer and Information Science at UCSD.

  23. MIchael Salazar is now a Postdoctoral Associate with the Department of Biology at MIT.

  24. Rava da Silveira (PhD ’94 with Mehran Kardar) is a Permanent Member of the Research Staff at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France.

  25. Michael Slutsky (PhD ’05 with Kardar and Mirny) is an Algorithm Engineer at Algotec Systems Ltd., Israel

  26. Kimani Stancil, (PhD ’02 with Kardar, Tanaka, and Feld) is a Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Howard University.

  27. Mukund Thattai (PhD ’04 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is a Professor at NCBS in Bangalore.

  28. Jonathan Weissman (PhD with Peter Kim) is a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at UCSF.

  29. Joshua Weitz (PhD ’03 with Daniel Rothman) is an Associate Professor of Biology and Physics at Georgia Tech.

  30. Qiong Yang (PhD ’10 with Alex van Oudenaarden) is a Professor of Biophysics at University of Michigan.

  31. Mehdi Yahyanejad (PhD ’04 with Kardar and Burge) is a Co-founder Adoptic, Inc.

  32. Hyun Youk (PhD ’10 with Alexander van Oudenaarden) is a Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellow with Wendell Lim at UCSF.

  33. Eugene Yurtsev (PhD ’15 with Jeff Gore) is now a computational data analyst in Boston.

  34. Yannan Zheng (PhD ’15 with Alexander van Oudenaarden) is a data scientist at AvantCredit in Chicago.

  35. Ibon Santiago (PhD ‘08 University of Oxford) is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Department of Physics at Oxford University.



Current Biophysics Certificate Students

*It may be possible to substitute other biophysics classes at MIT for those listed above.  To discuss this possibility, please contact Jeff Gore (  For other Biophysics classes offered listed see additional Biophysics Courses.